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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 7, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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cal state-fullerton. police say he wrote an online manifesto threatening to harm police officials and their families. the document also named quan's father, a retired lapd captain. there is a blue alert right now activated for eight counties in southern california from kern county down to san diego county. and officers say dorner was last seen driving a 2005 blue or gray nissan titan. we're following some developing news from the north bay. >> here in the bay area as well, three people have been shot this morning. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington has details on a home invasion overnight. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are inside the house and the search is on for the suspects. no arrests have been made but police believe that this family was targeted randomly during a home invasion. this happened around 3:40 this morning. a sergeant with the vallejo police department told me two men kicked down the front door to the two-story house on the mcdoug al street and headed upstairs.
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a 59-year-old woman lives here with her two adult children both in their 20s. the son woke up first and went into the hall to see what was going on. he was shot in the face. the mother then came or the of her room and was shot in the hip -- the mother then came out of her room and was shot in the hip. the daughter was shot but she was holding a pillow that shieldle her so the bullet only hit her finger. all three-family members were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover from their injuries. police don't know why the house was targeted or if anything was taken. both suspects are armed and police say that both of them fired shots in this house. i also just spoke with another officer and asked about crime in the area. he said this is actually one of the safer areas of vallejo. elissa harrington, kpix 5. new this morning, san jose firefighters knocked down a house fire off mckendry street in the city's rose garden area this morning. the home was vacant. it took an hour to put it out.
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the residents near dana avenue. no injuries. investigators looking for the cause. 6:03. it's been a while since we had to grab an umbrella but apparently we do today. >> and i a jacket. it's going to be cold. showers showing up around the bay area. our kpix 5 high-def doppler radar, picking up on scattered showers most of it in the north bay but you can see the line spreading further to the south. we have had reports of showers into santa rosa. you can speckled showers elsewhere with you but that's sliding south throughout the day today. if you haven't had rain hold on. it may be in your neighborhood soon. not a strong cold front but there is a lot of cold air with this system sliding by so we get on the back side. very cold temperatures in the bay area. 2500 feet snow level tonight and tomorrow. today 30s, 50s and 40s. it will be cool. you will need the jacket and umbrella in the afternoon. let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence.
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we are starting to see a backup at the bay bridge. no metering lights just yet. but as you can see in those cash lanes, traffic is starting to stack up just a little there. we'll keep you updated on that little slow up the incline, as well. if you are taking mass transit this morning, bart, muni, caltrain on time. vallejo ferry is using bus bridges for mechanical problems. second day they have had to do that. ace train number one running between 6 to 10 minutes behind schedule so plan for that this morning. southbound 13 at joaquin miller we have a tree blocking the right lane. we have activity there on scene and we are starting to see some delays along 13 as a result. westbound 580 also stacked up. you're slow-and-go out of tracy through the livermore valley. a little sluggish at 680, as well. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco police are asking for some help in trying to connect a person of interest with a child abduction cold case. 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared in 1984. investigators are now focused on a former neighbor who died five years ago. this man wayne jackson had a
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history of abusing children. he was interviewed at the time of collins' disappearance and now is under investigation once again for those very same reasons. >> time, opportunity, location, priors, who he was, what he had done in the past. the same reason he was a person of interest then. >> when he finally was apprehended, he only spent 6 months in jail and then three months probation. they knew enough about this guy. >> marc klaas has been an advocate for missing children since his daughter polly was kidnapped and killed. >> manned cuffs didn't stop a san jose suspect from stealing a police van. officers are still looking for him this morning. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is outside police headquarters with more on his escape. >> good morning. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> we are having some issues with cate's audio.
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we'll check in with her in just a bit. san jose mayor chuck reed is set to deliver his annual state of the city address this evening at civic auditorium during a contentious time in the bay area's largest cities. mayor reed joins us live to shed a little light on what he might be discussing this morning. first of all, good morning, mayor. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. happy to be here. >> good to have you. can you give us a thumbnail sketch of exactly what you will be saying today? >> i'll be looking forward to a good year this coming year. the economy is getting better. the silicon valley leading the country out of recession. we have a lot of work to do yet. we have $3 billion in unfunded liabilities for retirement costs. so we need to implement pension reform and begin to restore services that have been cut over the last decade. >> we have been reporting lots of stories and one is san jose having a small police force especially for a city of nearly a million people. officers are leaving because of
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these recent cuts in their pay and benefits. is anything being done to revers that? >> yes, that's one of the issues to deal with. the police force is too small, understaffed. we need to grow the force. if we can implement the pension reforms, we can grow the force. between then and now we need to do some steps to improve retention of officers with performance bonuses and targeted pay increases. we want to restore services. that's the highest priorities is to restore our capacity in our police for the next year. >> the new poll says folks in san jose would favor perhaps a quarter percent maybe even half percent hike in the sales tax in the city to help the coffers. any thoughts on that? >> well, i'm grateful for the support that i have gotten from the public and that we have for the possibility of a tax increase. i think it means we're on the right track doing the right things. the people are willing to consider giving us more money. we would not be able to go to the ballot until 2014 so there's a lot of work to do
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before then but i'm cautiously optimistic we'll be able to use the funds to restore services we have cut over the last 10 years. >> mayor reed, thank you so much live in san jose and all the best today with your state of the city address. >> thank you. all right. now let's get back to kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran with more on the san jose parolee who was able to drive off with a police van. cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. i believe that san jose police officers probably are still scratching their heads this morning as to how this whole thing happened. and as they continue to look for that suspect essentially pulled a houdini. the search for the suspect is still going on as we speak. just to let you know, they are looking for this man right here anthony sanchez seen in this picture about 5'5", 275 pounds. yesterday afternoon, san jose police went to thee parkside glen apartments on hillsdale road to arrest him for outstanding warrants. officers say they had to double cuff him because sanchez
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couldn't get his arms close enough together. but there was something he could do. officers put sanchez in the back of an unmarked car when one officer was distracted with paperwork that's when sanchez slipped his cuffs and was able to jump into the driver's seat and drove away. >> now, it's just a matter of going back to square one and finding him hopefully with handcuffs on. >> reporter: two hours later police found the van parked in a neighborhood about a mile away. all of the equipment was still in the front seat. and there were no firearms inside. as for how sanchez got the keys in the first place, san jose police say it is common practice to leave the keys in the ignition if the officers are close by. reporting live in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the final closing of the new bay bridge is going end with a big party. it includes a public walk across the new span before it opens to cars, trucks and motorcycles. the metro transportation commission is trying to organize a half marathon, bike
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ride and fireworks show for that party. the public party will be a day or two before vehicles are allowed to use the new span on september 3. the final bridge closure is set for august 28. it's expected to last for days. the countdown to the new bay bridge is on. kpix 5 is the proud television station for the open ceremonies in september. we'll keep you posted on planning for the big day. but there you go. 207 days from now. >> lance to reduce gun violence in california will be unveiled in sacramento this morning. state senate president pro tem darrell steinberg will hold a news conference joined by san francisco mayor ed lee and l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa. house democrats are going to reveal plans to curb gun violence. the proposals are said to be similar to those proposed by the obama administration including background checks on
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all gun purchasers and bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. but some proposals have little chance of passing in the republican-controlled house. time now 6:11. a hitchhiker with a happen. saves the day and becomes an internet sensation. >> ran up behind him with a hatchet, smash, smash, sa-mash! >> how he rescued two people from a crazy driver. plus -- >> they're wonderful. much better than any kind of drug you could take. >> a perfect match. how students at one bay area school are learning to read and getting a role model at the same time. "cool school" coming up.
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now try creamy crunchy hazelnut crisp switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. that's after he saved the live of a p-g and e worker outside of fresno police say a driver --- who
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a homeless hatched hitchhiker saved a woman outside fresno. police say a driver who claimed to be jesus christ intentionsly rammed the worker with his car because the man was black. and that's when the hitchhiker jumped into action. he used aces hatchet to help innocent by sanders. >> these two women are trying to help him. she runs up and he grabs one of them, man. like a guy that big can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick! so i ran up behind him with a hatchet, smash, smash, sa-mash! >> well, there you go. neither the woman nor the pg&e worker were seriously hurt. the suspect is now in custody and you can see his recap of what happened on our website, this guy was descriptive. >> a lot of personality there. [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah. >> high energy. >> big time. gianna, traffic? >> bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. they were turned on about 5 minutes ago. and you can see it is starting to stack up. so lots of company there, lots
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of company up the incline, as well. clear though past treasure island into san francisco. elsewhere, the san mateo bridge both directions, still moving along pretty nicely. extra volume on the westbound side as you work your way towards foster city. but about a 15 to 16-minute ride to go between 880 and 101. now, over to our maps we go. one of our hot spots is near the altamont pass. we are seeing some brake lights in the east bay there, westbound 580 out of tracy from about 205 as you work your way through the livermore valley. eases up a little around airway but you will see brake lights once you hit 680. westbound 4, business as usual. slow-and-go conditions through antioch. and better news along highway 13. southbound, right at joaquin miller we have reports of a tree in the roadway, that's been cleared. also, getting word of some extra volume along 280 through daly city. and southbound 101 near sfo reports of a broken-down big rig possibly blocking lanes. i'll have more details on that in a few minutes. right now we need details on this earthquake to, lawrence. >> big changes from yesterday. beautiful skies around the bay
6:16 am
area, lots of sunshine. today clouds rolled in and our cbs 5 high-def doppler radar is tracking some raindrops most of that in the north bay. but you can see that is beginning to slide a little further to the south. now, not the biggest storm we have ever seen but going to get things unsettled and wet throughout the day today. even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. and some very cold temperatures. overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, maybe some snow down to about 2500 feet right here on our local peaks. so a cold front on approach bringing all that cold air from the gulf of alaska. that is going to help drop the temperatures outside today. and maybe bring some thunderstorms and some scattered showers. so carry that umbrella and a jacket. it's going to be cool and wet at times. as we look at our computer model you can see that front as it slides on by, just some scattered showers moving on through so not the biggest storm we've seen. but behind that a lot of cold air and a chance of more showers into the afternoon. then overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. so you get the idea, things could be wet at times. and if you are traveling today, maybe a little bumpy out of sfo. showers at times.
6:17 am
maybe a possible delay at sfo. houston looking good 82 degrees. 52 and sunny in denver. chicago more snow on the way. cold temperatures in new york with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures here in the low to mid-50s. i think over the next couple of days, we will see the return of some sunshine over the weekend. but thursday and friday, they look to be a little wet a little cool. a little brisk and breezy. warmer weather and dry for the weekend. >> that's good. at least saturday and sunday are dry. >> monday looks great. >> should be fabulous. [ laughter ] >> next couple of days. [ laughter ] >> thank you, lawrence. well, one generation is now passing a love of reading on to the next. >> it's happening at one school in the bay area. and kpix 5's elizabeth wenger has today's "cool school." >> reporter: inside the walls of monroe elementary school in san francisco where wisdom meets youth, exciting things are happening. >> it helps me to be around them because they are so bright and beautiful. >> reporter: judy holme is one of many older adult volunteers that's helping kids learn to read. the tutors are all over 50 years old.
6:18 am
>> it's really picks up my day. just to be with little children, they're wonderful. much better than any kind of drug you could take. >> reporter: the program that links generations is called, experience corps. 175 students at monroe elementary school take part. >> i feel proud of myself. >> reporter: 7-year-old valentino often works with diane carter, a mother, a grandmother, who comes to monroe five days a week to work with these kids, all unpaid. at least not in dollar bills. >> i see them and they're all, hi, there is miss diane! they coming up, give me a hug and stuff. >> reporter: it's a special relationship that makes the learning fun and effective. >> i know that she is going to help me. >> reporter: the goal is to improve critical reading skills like comprehension and sorting out tough new words. >> whenever i'm with them, they make me feel special. >> reporter: it's win-win, from discovering new favorite books -- >> i like to read the cat in the hat.
6:19 am
when i read a book about a fighting dog. >> reporter: --to finding a role model. and that's why monroe elementary school here in san francisco is this week's -- >> "cool school"! yeah! whoo! >> liz was there for i think about four hours. she couldn't leave. >> that program is called experience corps and they serve 17 different schools in san francisco and oakland, as well. they could use your help. so if you are a senior and want to help the kids, give them a call. >> win-win for the kids and the adults. >> what is cool about your school? submit your nomination on our website, and we may feature your school on our show. it's 6:21 right now. done deal. the giants lock up another key player. >> they did. plus the a rocky start at the world cup qualifiers. the magnificent goal to help seal the u.s. feat. coming up.
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hi-def doppler radar picking up some showers right now showing up in the north bay near petaluma there. santa rosa. watch out, we have more rain on the way. details coming up. >> well, sergio romo is here to stay. the san francisco giants and their reliever have reached a deal. romo sign a $9 million two-year contract avoiding salary arbitration. the giants have settled all their arbitration cases before hearings. romo here to stay. >> spring training next week. bring it on. another road game another blowout for warriors though lost in houston and it was ugly in oklahoma city last night. 1st quarter, kevin martin will steal the steph curry pass and turns it into an easy finger
6:24 am
roller there for russell westbrook. 12 of the warriors 19 turnovers were steals. kevin durant fast break and he dunks it two of his 25. thunder rolling 119-98 today's play of the day from world cup soccer qualifying match. not good for team usa. honduras's juan carlos garcia with an impressive bicycle kick. look at the kick, over, one two three, boom! beautiful shot. it goes in. tied the game. they won 2-1. u.s. is down, they play again against costa rica coming up in colorado your neck of the woods. >> the goalie's reaction. >> i know. it's 6:26. coming up, a south bay houdini. how a handcuffed manscaped with a police van. >> plus some breaking news down in riverside county. a massive manhunt continues for an ex-officer accused of shooting three other police officers. >> and i'm live in vallejo where three-family members were
6:25 am
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no blackout dates you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. suspect literally slipped his cuffs was able to jump into the driver's seat. >> a suspect gives police the slip and takes off with their van. >> ironically, san jose police were trying to help this guy. and he took advantage of them. >> the case that has haunted san francisco police for nearly 30 years. >> a new person of interest in the disappearance of a 10-year- old boy. >> they dropped the ball on this guy. >> the entire family is overwhelmed with the news that police could have had their man all those years ago. >> this is not a game! >> the pentagon is forced to
6:29 am
make deep spending cuts. >> the pentagon will lose $55 billion from its budget over the next nine months. >> we'll keep coming here and i hope it stays here forever. >> and a big party at one of the oldest bars here in the bay area. >> we're at the seven mile house where they are commemorating the 160th anniversary. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning" >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, it's thursday, february 7. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31 i know. >> a violent shooting spree in southern california leaves one officer dead and two others injured. the suspect is an ex-lapd officer. he is now the center of a massive manhunt in southern california. we have live pictures from the crime scene right now. cbs reporter susan mcginnis with the online manifesto that targets the suspect's former colleagues. >> reporter: police helicopters
6:30 am
are flying over the communities of riverside and corona an hour's drive from los angeles. three police officers were shot early today. one died. investigators say the suspect is a former alameda officer and navy reservists named christopher dorner who posted an online manifesto threatening police officials and their families. >> his whereabouts are unknown. and we are asking for the public's help in finding him. we have strong cause to believe dorner is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: dorner is also suspected of shooting and killing a college basketball coach and her fiance in a parking garage sunday night. the father of the coach, monica quan, represented dorner in front of a disciplinary board when dorner was dismissed from the lapd for making false statements. police say he is out for revenge. susan mcginnis, cbs news. the lapd has placed security at the homes of the officers. police say dorner was last seen
6:31 am
driving a 2005 blue or gray nissan titan vehicle. that car also ski racks on the roof. and we have some developing news from the north bay back here in the bay area where three people were shot during a home invasion robbery. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in vallejo this morning where the suspects are still at large. >> reporter: some terrifying moments for the family that lives here. they were asleep when two gunmen kicked down the front door. a mother and two adult children live here and police believe it was a random home invasion. a 911 call came in around 3:40 this morning. two armed men forced their way into this house on mcdougle. they started to make their way upstairs when the family members started waking up one by one. first the son went into the hallway to check out the noise an was shot in the face. his 59-year-old mother came out of her room and was shot in the hip. they are her daughter in her 20s came out of her room as was also shot. she was holding a pillow, which
6:32 am
shielded her and the bullet only grazed her finger. all three were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the suspects ran from the scene and police have not released a detailed description except that one of them was wearing a hoodie. police are investigating what if anything was taken. an officer tells me this is a low crime neighborhood. we're on mcdougle which is only a few blocks from terrace park and parallel to sacramento street. he says they come out here every so often to respond to break-ins but not violent crimes like this. what's happening now is police have to get a search warrant to collect evidence from the home so they say they will be out here for at least the next couple of hours. again, the search is on for those two suspects. in vallejo, elissa harrington, kpix 5. new this morning, san jose firefight, knocking down a house fire off mckendry street this morning. fire crews say the home vacant at the time took them about an hour to contain the flames at the residence near dana avenue.
6:33 am
no injuries were reported. investigators are now looking for a cause of the fire in san jose. 6:34. the first rain in quite a while. >> yes. it's been a long time. longer than you've been gone. you had all the rain there in new orleans. you had a good storm there. this is a cold one though out there today as showers are picking up in parts of the north bay now. scattered showers, there you go. high-def doppler radar showing you some of that rainfall outside right now. taking you in for a closer look traveling up along the 101 you have some pockets of some moderate amounts of rainfall into petaluma, this is all sliding to the south and east throughout the morning and into the afternoon. so here's that cold front not the strongest one we have seen but hey, we're glad to get showers through here moving by this morning. behind that, you have some very cold, unstable air and that will bring with it a chance of more scattered showers throughout the day. temperatures a little chilly to start. 30s and 40s right now. by the afternoon, it is going to be cool, brisk and a bit breezy. well, it will be wet at times too. the numbers yesterday afternoon
6:34 am
in the 50s and low 60s. today, i think lows maybe some mid-50s outside. and a chance of some more showers out there, gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. our chopper producer alerted me to a new problem south 680 at lake herman possibly blocking lanes. just reported from chp. we'll continue to keep you updated on that as you work your way through benicia. elsewhere, in the south bay, we are seeing some brake lights as well northbound 101. starting to get busy through san jose. also northbound 280 seeing brake lights as well through downtown san jose. guadalupe parkway no delays. highway 17 moving well in both directions. westbound 237 starting to stack up also. eight minutes still between 880 and 101. but a little slow as you make the connector there. also westbound 580 a 30-minute ride now to go from the altamont pass to 680. so pack your patience there. westbound highway 4 brake lights as well through antioch. looks better into pittsburg. no delays once you come off the eastshore freeway but if you are headed towards the bay bridge we are seeing slight delays right around powell street through emeryville.
6:35 am
live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now and you can see traffic is stacked up metering lights are on. that's a look at your drive. back to you. >> gianna, thank you. san francisco police are now focused on a man who has been dead for years as they reopen a cold case from 1984. it's the case involving kevin collins who was kidnapped from the haight when he was just 10. the person of interest is wayne jackson who died five years ago. he was a neighbor of collins', had a history of child abuse and was considered a possible suspect at the time. >> he was detained. he was interviewed. he allowed a consent search of the same house we just did a search warrant on and a photo spread was shown to the two witnesses that described the suspect with a large black dog and they couldn't pick him out of a photo spread. >> they dropped the ball on this guy. >> that was marc klaas who has been involved missing children cases since his daughter was kidnapped and murdered from their petaluma home. a man in handcuffs gave the
6:36 am
police a slip his getaway vehicle a police anyone any van. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran -- a minivan. cate caugiran explains how it all happened. >> reporter: good morning. i'm sure as san jose police officers are getting into work this morning they will try to figure out how this man got away. first, they are still trying to look for that suspect. we do have a photo of the so- called escape artist. take a look now. % 2-year-old anthony sanchez a big man, 5'5", 275 pounds. sanchez violated his parole on a drug conviction so yesterday around 3:30 officers went to the parkside glen apartments on hillsdale to arrest him. officers had to double cuff him because he couldn't get his arms close together. undercover officers put him in an unmarked police minivan and an officer was distracted by paperwork and sanchez made his move. lit rally took a couple of seconds when the officer bent
6:37 am
over to pick up the paperwork. the suspect slipped his cuffs, put the car in gear and fled the scene. >> reporter: police found the van two hours later near almaden and wren drive. nothing was stolen from inside. as for how the suspect got the keys, san jose police say it's common practice to leave the keys in the ignition if they are close by. cate caugiran, kpix 5. san jose mayor chuck reed will deliver his annual state of the city address tonight. the mayor is expected to talk about the city's budget woes. there are safety concerns, as well. one of the nation's safest major cities crime has been on the rise and police officers have been leaving the city in the wake of cuts to pay and benefits. may mayor reed addressed that as he spoke with us live about a half hour ago. >> that's one of the issues we have to deal with. the police force is too small, understaffed. we need to grow the force. if we can implement our pension reforms, we'll have money to grow the force. between then and now we need to
6:38 am
do some steps to improve the retention of officers with performance bonuses and targeted pay increases. >> the state of the city set to begin at 6:30 tonight at the civic auditorium. >> iran's state-run media have released video supposedly taken from a u.s. spy drone that crashed in the country in 2011. the video includes an aerial view of an airport and a city said to be a u.s. drone base in kandahar, afghanistan. iran claims it used the drone it build its own unmanned aircraft. so far no official comment on the video from u.s. officials. and aid workers in the solomon islands are struggling to reach remote tsunami-ravaged villages while the death toll rises. three more bodies were found today bringing the total dead to at least 9 people on santa cruz island in the south pacific. strong aftershocks following yesterday's powerful earthquake and small tsunami are preventing many villagers from returning home. the 61st annual national prayer breakfast just wrapped
6:39 am
up in washington, d.c. every president since eisenhower has addressed the event and that includes president obama. this morning, vice president biden and first lady michelle obama also attended the breakfast. estimated 3,000 people from 140 countries came to the event. it was held this morning at the washington hilton. time now 6:40. not just oversleeping. employers share their most memorable excuses for tardy employees. >> and it's not your typical traffic jam. hundreds of sheep, where are they going? we'll tell you. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early number. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. coming up.
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walking in the road. for many
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e traffic jam was some drivers in romania probably thought they were dreaming when they saw 60 sheep? the road. it was a nightmare for drivers. the shepherd and his son had no food for the sheep and walked more than 6 miles through the center of the city to another field. he was fined by a police officer for disrupting traffic. they did eventually make it out of the city which is good. >> sheep herder has to do what he has to do. >> i guess so. you have to feed the sheep, right? >> excuse me, here we come. new england is bracing for a possible blizzard. >> yeah. it's going to be a mess out there. the national weather service says the storm is expected to hit the region sometime friday morning continue through the weekend. it could dump as much as 2 feet of snow in places. travel may be impossible due to high winds and blowing snow. i got a lot of friends back there, and we still own a home back there and my tenants are freaking out. >> getting blizzard-ready? >> they don't have any snow out there. they have had very little. >> and they have seen some of the coldest temperatures in years and now here comes a
6:44 am
storm system. so yeah, get ready. >> i'm glad we don't have to deal with that. >> it's nice to live in the bay area. showers and told temperatures. maybe a little dusting of snow across the mountaintops. check this system. a cold front finally sliding into the bay area bringing in with it some scattered showers in the north bay. pockets of moderate rainfall we are going to see that on and off throughout the day today. this afternoon colder temperatures and tonight a chance we could see some snow down to about 2500 feet. a cold front finally bringing flowers back to the bay area. not going to be the strongest storm we have ever seen but it's going to be cold and we could see isolated thunderstorms too. so carry that umbrella. broken showers sliding through right now into the middle of the day. and that will continue to move on through as we head toward the afternoon. just pockets of showers but then in the evening hours for the commute look at the cell being picked up on the computer model sliding on through could
6:45 am
see some thunderstorms embedded in that. wet overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon things settle down. .1" of rain in the wettest parts of the bay area, otherwise things are going to be more scattered as the system moves by. the temperatures are going to be cold though, plan on highs only in the low to mid-50s and that is about it. more showers as we head into tomorrow and it tapers off by tomorrow afternoon. dry weather expected on saturday and sunday. looks like toward next week temperatures should be a little warmer and dry too. bay bridge reports of an accident westbound just past the metering lights. you can see on our live shot of the toll plaza we are backed up. the metering lights are on so slow ride as you work your way through there. jumping to the maps, delays because of this accident. the good news it's out of lanes and over to the right shoulder but you can see the damage is done. so grab your jacket, get going. you might need extra minutes on
6:46 am
the bay bridge. past the accident near treasure island traffic moves well into san francisco. off the eastshore freeway brake lights as well near ashby. a little slow near powell street, also. southbound 680 near lake herman an accident with two vehicles involved over to the center divide no lanes blocked but some slight delays as you approach the scene. also through the south bay northbound 101 we are seeing some slow conditions as you work your way through san jose. so a few brake lights near mckee and julian. pretty much in that area. northbound 280, downtown san jose. sluggish at the guadalupe parkway northbound brake lights this morning. checking travel times through the south bay north 101, 280, 680 connector towards 237 about a 14-minute ride right now. elsewhere 237 itself westbound seeing some slightly slower conditions as you make the connector. still though in the green. 8 minutes between 880 and 101. so far, so good out of marin county. a little drizzly as law, said. we have seen some slick
6:47 am
surfaces up there but clear into san francisco. 6:48. the ntsb will update us this morning on its investigation into the battery fire on japan airlines dreamliner today. the chairman says the board is still weeks away from determining the cause. the dreamliner fleet all still grounded but the faa has given boeing permission to relocate a single plane today and it will come from texas and fly back to washington state. some new numbers suggest that the nation's employment picture is beginning to pick up. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: some decent news on the job market coming from the labor department. weekly jobless claims fell by 5,000 to 366,000 and the four- week average sitting just above 350,000 a nearly five-year low. the labor department also reporting news that worker productivity fell 2% in the fourth quarter after a 3.2%
6:48 am
gain in the third. labor costs had their biggest rise in three-quarters up 4.5%. could be another big airline merger on the way. u.s. airways and american airlines are talking about combining. american's parent company is going through bankruptcy protection. so it would have to do this coming out of that. we just recently had united and continental go through. there was some glitches in the reservation systems changing over. most experts say that we probably wouldn't see much higher airfares due to the cost savings associated with a potential merger but certainly not a done deal yet. stock market coming off a flat day yesterday. and starting out this morning in some of the same vein. let's look at the numbers. right now the dow dropping 26 points. nasdaq lower by 2. s&p down by a fraction. online review site yelp reported its earnings after the closing bell yesterday. mixed report and its shares are dropping by 8.5%. back to you. >> thank you. , kcbs radio's financial
6:49 am
reporter jason brooks. los gatos-based netflix could actually benefit from the u.s. postal service's decision to end regular mail delivery on saturdays. some analysts believe that will increase the video company's profits by lowering the cost of sending out dvds in those red envelopes. the theory, subscribers may end up watching fewer dvds for the same monthly price. 1500 jobs are about to open up here in the bay area. home depot is getting ready for a busy spring. home improvement chain hiring 80,000 new workers all across the country. that is a 14% increase in seasonal hiring for the depot. home depot is encouraging military members, veterans and retirees to come in and apply. so when you go home after a day on the job, do you end up dealing with work-related issues on your smartphone? well, some chicago police officers say they do. there are going to federal court to be paid for overtime for doing all that work. the suit claims police brass pressured the officers to
6:50 am
handle some of the work related calls and e-mails after hours. but told them not to put in for overtime. i think a lot of people do that, though. >> they do. the website career builder has released a list of the most outrageous excuses workers have given for getting to work late. >> they were supplied by employers. here are a few in no particular order. someone said she dropped her purse in a coin operated newspaper box and couldn't get it out. >> that's good. >> hate it when that happens. >> another blamed his angry wife saying she froze his keys in a glass of water. >> okay. >> in the freezer. >> i don't know about that one. >> someone actually claimed also to have been attacked by a bear. [ laughter ] >> that may have happened. >> that could have happened depending where you live. but i don't know. i just say hey, i overslept. >> if you are in wyoming, maybe. bay area, not so much. we have now downloaded 25 billion songs on itunes and see if you can guess the song that crossed the milestone. ♪ [ music ]♪ [ drumming ]
6:51 am
>> i never heard it. monkey drums. a german man downloaded it and will get a $13,500 gift card. 15,000 songs a minute are downloaded. right now many of the songs are beyonce hits. billboard says sales for her album went up 197% foaling her halftime performance at the super bowl. even destiny's child is reaping the rewards for the group's on stage reunion. their new release, love song, debuting at number 72 on the billboard albums chart. beyonce will be at the 55th grammy awards this sunday. you can watch them right here on kick-starting at 8 p.m. after -- on kpix 5, starting at 8 p.m. after "60 minutes." a milestone for one of the longest operating bars in the bay area. >> the 7-mile house opened its doors during the california gold rush 160 years ago.
6:52 am
the brisbane bar is exactly seven miles away from san francisco's ferry building. it was an ideal spot for a stagecoach stop and the pony express. it spanned the decades from brothel to biker and trucker hangout and now it's a 49ers faithful hangout. >> a legacy, just like the 9ers, this place was a legacy. you know what i'm saying? and i love it here. we'll keep coming here and i hope it stays here forever. >> photos of the original owners are displayed on the walls from way back when. the current owners a filipino family offers pork adubo along with nachos and burgers if you want to check it out. you probably won't want to buy a house around this place. a bar in australia is hoping to get if the record books with the most expensive cocktail ever. in contains cognac that dates back to 1858. the bartender says it has orange, passion fruit and
6:53 am
chocolate. it took him hours to mix it. here's the price tag. man. $12,500. >> $12,000 for a drink? better sip it slow, baby. >> come on, 12 grand? no way. i'd rather buy a car. >> time now 6:54, a final check of your top stories. >> and on a serious note including the massive manhunt for the ex-officer accused of shooting three police officers in southern california. we have the latest from riverside county.
6:54 am
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officer southern california now say a fatal officer involved shooting started as an ambush overnight. one more look at our top stories. police in southern california now say a fatal officer- involved shooting started as a ambush overnight. according to investigators, christopher dorner shot two officers in riverside county as they pulled him over for a traffic stop. one officer died at the scene.
6:57 am
dorner is also suspected of shooting another officer just a few hours earlier. now, investigators say he also is wanted for killing the daughter of a former lapd captain and her fiance in irvine over the weekend. he is considered to be armed and dangerous. a mother and her two adult children are recovering after being shot during a home invasion in vallejo this morning. police say the victims were asleep when two armed men kicked in their front door. after the shots were fired, the suspects ran away possibly empty-handed. police are waiting for a search warrant to gather evidence at the scene on mcdougal street. busy news morning a every and busy weather morning too. >> we have some showers showing up right now in the north bay. we are seeing scattered showers at this time. high-def doppler radar with a cold front sliding through. we have pockets of moderate amounts of rain. the possibility we could see some isolated thunderstorms and some very chilly temperatures around the bay area only in the 50s, more showers expected continuing into tomorrow. gianna? >> traffic heating up at the
6:58 am
san mateo bridge. we have reports of a car fire possibly blocking lanes. looks like it's on the westbound side. so we'll keep you updated on that if that's blocking lanes or causing delays. bay bridge, not too bad. a little better than usual. it's bearable. >> almost the weekend. >> no kidding. thanks for watching this morning. remember, your next local update is at 7:25. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next. in the meantime, enjoy your day. we'll see you again at noon. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday february 7th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news three police officer have been shot in southern california, one is dead. the suspect an ex-officer, already wanted in a double
6:59 am
murder. it could be the creation of the world's largest airline. we'll have details on the mega merger that might be days away. and karl rove's super pack goes after ashley judd. but we begin this morning with a look at today's requesting "aeye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> we have strong cause to believe dorner is armed and dangerous and asking for the public's help in finding him. >> california police hunt an ex-cop suspected in a killing spree. >> two police officers shot one has died. >> another shooting involving two officers that may be related. >> the suspect, christopher dorner is the gunman who shot an irvine couple to death sunday. >> the search continues, numerous police helicopters overhead, officers are standing with their rifles at the ready. the senate intelligence committee will hold a confirmation hearing on john brennan's nomination to head the central intelligence agency. >> brennan is expected to be questioned about the growing controversy of drone attacks


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